The First Week

Well after an un-eventfull drive home from buying the car a week later the Fuel lines split at the rear of the car, right above the rear torsion bar.

The car was dripping fuel on the floor and i had to get new lines from Porsche even though the car is 22 years old most of the parts are still available (at Porsche prices i might add)

so the shopping list went as this:-

With a 92 MY (Model Year) car the parts must all be from 93 on as the old stuff is now NLA so i thought i would help anyone and give a list based on a Coupe the first 2 items are diff for a cabrio

1 x 94435606912 FUEL LINE
1 x 94435603711 FUEL RETURN LINE COUPE
1 x 94435604702 Fuel Hose
2 x 99970322900 Bonded Rubber Mounting
1 x 94435604110 Fuel Line
1 x 94435647301 Support
1 x 94435647500 Support
1 x 99970308640 Rubber Buffer

And to make life much easier as all the clips are rusted away also get a set of the plastic clips cabrio has 7 coupe has 9.
999 511 199 40

Porsche Part Numbers Above

This job is a major PITA the torsion tube for the rear suspension has to be lowered about 3-4 inches to wiggle the new metal fuel lines into place, also the front OS wheel arch liner has to be removed.

This is a 22 year old car so everything is rusted up and bolts snap as you look at them.

The rear Suspension mounts just fell to bits and had to be replaced as well.

But it did give the chance to fully service the rear brakes that had Calliper Plate Lift and replace the read Flexi brake hoses.

When the car was up in the air the front Suspension Castor mounts were trash so had to be replaced as well.

this always leads on to other things.....

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